Aspen ForestEnvironmental sensitivities can can masquerade as skin problems, neurological illness, depression, fatigue, rheumatism, recurrent sinusitis, digestive issues and more.

Our guest today has had firsthand experience with this frightening and unexplained decline of physical and mental functioning. And in the process, it made her not only question everything about how conventional medicine goes about treating complex illness, especially when environmental factors. But, it also taught her something about the practice of medicine that simply can’t be found in books.

Listen in to Erica Elliott’s heartfelt journey of composting into the doctor that she is today. And a vital perspective on staying healthy in a world increasing filled with chemicals and toxins that can wreck havoc with human biological systems.

Show Highlights:

5:43 Path to her true calling.
6:05 Some of the symptoms of toxic exposure.
9:04 Being open to possibilities.
10:07 Wise words from a patient.
16:58 The only thing I had to offer at that point.
19:27 Why cookie cutter medicine isn’t helpful.
25:06 Role that genetic testing can play.
27:56 Some common signs of reaching a tipping point with toxic overload.
29:18 A curious side effect of antibiotics.
32:55 It’s in our best interest to eat primitively.
36:36 The gut is intimately tied to the immune system.
40:25 Where to start with cleaning up our own personal environment.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAErica Elliott is a physician in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a private practice specializing in family and environmental medicine. She has been referred to as a “Health Detective,” drawing from a wide range of disciplines, both mainstream and alternative, to diagnose and treat many different types of illnesses, often difficult to identify.

She has successfully treated problems that do not respond to pharmaceutical drugs or other conventional treatments.

Trained initially in Western medicine, she also relies on traditional and alternative methods of healing from around the world. Her unique approach to treating her patients requires her to customize each treatment specifically to that person’s ailment, while at the same time addressing the health of the whole person.


Links and Resources:

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