The birth control pill has been lauded, and for good reason too, as a way for women to take charge of their reproductive choices. And while it does a fine job of preventing conception, for some women it is not without paying a physical, emotional or psychological price.

Our guest today has taken a closer look at the bitter side of the pill and brought to light some common side effects that generally are glossed over.

She also shares with us some unique and interesting ways of combining  high tech with good old-fashioned body literacy. Thus helping women to take charge of their fertility by cultivating a deeper awareness and connection to their own natural rhythms without altering their natural hormonal balance.

Show Highlights:
2:33   This was touted as the best birth control ever, but the psychological side effects were insidious.
7:27    Some of the issues involved with coming off the birth control pill.
10:36  It’s fairly common knowledge among women that certain hormonal birth control pills tend to lead toward depression.
12:56   There is a good reason why Japanese condoms are better.
13:25   Alternative methods for dealing with contraception.
14:18   The knowledge set that helps women to get pregnant can also help them to avoid pregnancy.
26:00  Kickstarting the “Sweetening the Pill” documentary.
33:03  Why is it so hard to criticize the pill?
37:12   Post pill syndrome, what it is, how long it might last.
39:01   Suggestions for ways to wean yourself off the pill, avoid pregnancy, and deepen your body awareness.
47:26   Cultivating body literacy.


Holly Grigg-SpallHolly Grigg-Spall
Holly Grigg-Spall is the author of “Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control” (Zero Books, 2013).

Her work on women’s health issues has featured in Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, New York magazine, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the Washington Post and on BBC and CBC radio, amongst others. She also writes weekly for

Holly is currently working on her next book.


Website: Sweetening the Pill
Website: Sweetening the Pill— Kickstarter campaign
Website:  The Business of Being Born

Twitter:  @hollygriggspall


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