unwinding inertiaSometimes we don’t even know the rut we’re in. Until a symptom, accident or diagnosis snaps us into an unexpected moment of presence.

We can chose the route of “fixing” our bodies, or engage a process of looking into “how we got here” and make more informed choices about the road to take from here.

In this episode we explore how the choices we make can land us in a difficult situation, and some options that Chinese medicine provides for regaining our balance and vitality.

Show Highlights:
2:07 Not just treating symptoms but looking the larger context of life.
6:00 The problem with taking the batteries out of the smoke alarm.
8:43 What if someone simply wants their shoulder pain to go away?
11:25 Symptom as teacher.
13:07 Where do the priorities need to shift?
16:04 Why is it that insight feels good, but is lousy at actually creating change?
19:44 Acupuncture for habit change.
28:51 Hitting pause.
29:09 Right action arising by itself.
35:35 Living beyond diagnosis.
39:59 Focusing on what is important vs being symptom free.
46:04 Play a larger role in your healing process.

Brodie WelchBrodie Welch is a Chinese Medicine expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, self-care strategist, and teacher with certifications in qi gong and yoga. She empowers women to show up for themselves, tune in to their own inner wisdom, and tweak their daily habits so they can feel their best. She practices and teaches Chinese Medicine, yoga, meditation, qi gong, stress relief, and habit change in Corvallis, Oregon, leads retreats, and offers innovative learn-from-anywhere classes at www.brodiewelch.com.

To empower people with a simple, 20-minute moving meditation practice, Brodie offers Your Movement Multivitamin: 12 Treasures Qi Gong delivered to your inbox. She is also the creator of Calm Yourself: Self-care strategies for Stress and Anxiety, which provides bite-sized body-centered ways of dealing with stress (including acupressure, essential oils, breathing, body scanning, and qi gong), while probing the underlying reasons why it keeps showing up in their lives.

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