Sugar addiction is something that usually gets laughed off with a wink and smile. And yet, as Gary Taubes says in his latest book, The Case Against Sugar, if the increasing rates of diabetes were related to a pathogen instead of a lifestyle, we would be in the midst of an all out “war” on the disease.

In my acupuncture practice I’ve seen sugar as an underlying factor in so many problems that bring patients to my clinic.

To that end, I’ve created a guided inquiry that helps people to transform their relationship with sugar. And in this episode I’ll be outlining the process so you can start to make some changes in your life if sugar addiction is part of the health issues that you face.

Show Highlights:
8:23    The health problems exacerbated by sugar.
14:37   Why you need to increase your salt intake when you begin a low sugar, low carb diet.
16:34   Some things I’ve discovered about the change process.
24:02  The essence of the Journey Beyond Sugar —
1   Learn the basics of neuroplasticity
2   Engage a mindfulness practice
3   Get clear on the basic biochem of glycemic index and glycemic load
4   Learn the names of sugar
5   Read labels
6   Only stock your pantry with things you want to eat
7   Get a handle on your emotional eating
8   More biochem, learn how calories metabolize differently
9    Become familiar with the triggers of your habitual responses
10   Give up the idea that change happens quickly
11   Trying to recreate a connection a human connection through food doesn’t work
12   Willpower is not helpful in the long run, inquisitive curiosity takes you further down the road
13   Have fun
14   Everyone is different; respect your character and path



Trained both in the USA and Asia, Michael Max practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at Yong Kang Clinic in St. Louis, MO. He is a translator of non-mainstream materials on Chinese medicine, and writes extensively on health and wellbeing on his website and in his clinic’s monthly newsletter.

While many in the West have heard about acupuncture and associate it with being an effective treatment for pain relief. In fact, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can successfully treat a wide variety of ailments from allergies to migraines, anxiety to reflux, stress, depression ,fertility and women’s health and much more. He started the Everyday Acupuncture Podcast show as a way help us Westerners understand there are accessible and effective solutions to health challenges in life that do not require a pharmaceutical medication, but instead gently and naturally be coaxed from our body’s own innate ability to balance and heal.

Links and Resources:

Want some help with transforming your relationship with sugar? Book your passage on the Journey Beyond Sugar. Use the code EAP97 to get the Journey for just $97 (It’s usually $139)

Gary Taubes has been investigating the role of sugar in modern metabolic diseases. Here’s a link to his work.

The War of Art is the book that I’ve gifted and given to more people than I can keep count. It’s one of the best resources available to anyone who is looking to put a dent in the universe.

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