Taiwan is famous for it’s high tech computer technology, bicycles, fragrant tofu, rivers of scooters, delicious street food, and of course, tea.

Today’s episode is a bit of a soundscape as we spend a portion of the afternoon drinking and discussing tea. Unlike your Western coffeeshop where you pop in for a beverage to go, or you grab a drink and sit with a couple of friends or work on your computer, a Taiwanese teashop has time unfolding at a completely different pace. And it is about dipping not only into something delicious in a cup, it’s about connecting with your community and making new friends.

Listen as my friend Pia and I imbibe tea and tea culture in a way that you only find in Taiwan.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The process of exploring the character of tea with time, water and conversation
  • Different teas and their levels of oxidation
  • Buddhism
  • Teapots and why we use the small pots that allow for a fast accurate brew
  • Tea as part of Chinese culture and daily life
  • The various factors that influence your taste of the tea

Notes and Resources:


Mr Lin, a local radio personality is a regular at Mr. Li’s teashop. Like all regulars… he brings his cup. Unbeknownst to us as we were doing this podcast, he was putting us live on Facebook. What a world! Follow link to for a nice visual glimpse into Mr. Li’s teashop.

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