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My ears perked up over a lunch conversation when I heard Bryan say, “I don’t see that many headache patients these days. They just don’t need to come in very often.”

Headaches are a common complaint if you run an acupuncture clinic. So Bryan’s observation got my attention.

Have a listen and discover the two most important things you can do for yourself if you are spending too much time with headaches.


Show highlights

3:14  Tip from a patient.

6:05  Why headache medications contribute to ongoing headaches.

7:17  Time it takes to break medication induced rebound headaches.

10:14  Common dietary triggers of headaches.

13:36  Raising the headache threshold.

18:50  How to successfully figure out headache triggers.

21:08  How acupuncture can help.


bryan wagner

Bryan is co-owner of Community Acupuncture of St. Louis and is dedicated to the concept of sliding scale clinics, allowing working people access to high quality, affordable acupuncture.

Bryan continually aims to broaden and deepen his understanding of the many traditions of Oriental medicine. Complementing his work at the clinic, Bryan facilitates groups and individuals in “The Work” of Byron Katie, a simple process of questioning thoughts that frees the mind and reduces suffering.


Community Acupuncture of St. Louis
2006 S. 39th Street
St. Louis, MO 63110


Resources and links:

Heal your Headache, by David Buchholz


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