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Tea is not simply a leaf or region, nor only a taste of bitter or sweet, or a feeling in the mouth. It is an unfolding connection between plants and rain, mountains and mist. It is woven from the conversations of soils and insects, sweltering afternoons of sun, and moonless nights of dark.

Tea is a story, of which the drinking is but one chapter. And tea is an opportunity for connection, and therein lays its deep nourishment.


 Show highlights:
1:32  The play on words of eco-cha

4:00  Tea is good for you? It depends!

10:00  Eco-cha’s standards on sourcing tea

14:47  Tea culture and the importance of being connected.

16:35  Kung fu tea? I thought kung fu was a kind of Chinese fighting art.

18:04  How to make Kung Fu tea.

21:49  It’s not really a ceremony, but a way of connecting.

32:07  The constituents in tea are good for you, and the social aspect of connection that goes with tea culture gives us something beyond the beneficial molecules.


Andy Kincard
Andy-KincartEco-Cha is a cooperative effort comprised of a small group of individuals with diverse backgrounds that have converged around tea culture in Taiwan.
Co-founder Andy Kincart has lived mostly in Taiwan since 1989.

In 1993, his appreciation for the locally grown tea led him to the home of Tony and Lisa Lin in the renowned Dong Ding Mountain tea-growing region. It has been an ongoing exploration of the world of tea in one of the world’s most unique tea growing areas. The Lin’s are among Taiwan’s primary proponents of tea culture, and Andy has watched their efforts flourish over the last 20 years as a close friend and supporter.
In 1997, Andy’s passion for tea lead him to start working as a private exporter of quality, artisan grown Oolong Tea. Now, after decades of an ever-deepening appreciation for this cultural treasure – he is endeavoring to be more progressive and bring this Taiwanese treasure to more people through his involvement with Eco-Cha.

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Taichung City 404, Taiwan

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Links and Resources:
Follow this link to learn how to make “gong fu” tea in the traditional Taiwanese way.


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