Cheng Man ChingTai Chi is one of the more well known Chinese health practices that has made its way to the West. But there was a time when this gentle movement art was unknown outside of the Chinese world.

In the 60’s Cheng Man-Ching “The Professor” came from Taiwan to New York and began to do something unheard of; teach this ancient movement practice to Westerners.

Today’s guest is a writer, filmmaker and long time Tai Chi practitioner who has helped to capture the story of Cheng Man-Ching and his influence on Tai Chi, as told through the pictures and stories of his students.

Show Highlights:
4:58   Tai Chi more than just exercise
7:35    The practice of non-effort
10:16   Applying the principles of Tai Chi in the modern world.
23:10  A masterful Tai Chi practitioner can feel the imbalance in someone else’s body better than that person can.
26:16  This film will be available on DVD, and have extras.

Barry Strugatz

Director and co-producer, has made award winning short and feature films. He has written screenplays for Jonathan Demme and Michele Pfeiffer (Married to the Mob), Meryl Streep (She-Devil) and directed Melissa Leo (From Other Worlds). The Professor is his first documentary. He has studied with several students of Cheng Man-Ching.



Links and Resources:

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