SleepSleep. It is one of those fundamental aspects of life that we take for granted, until we find ourselves writing and editing lists in our mind, or rehashing conversations at 3am.

Sleep is a simple and natural process, except for when it’s not. And then all our efforts at a slide into slumber only takes us further from the rest we seek.

Our guest in this conversation has made a deep study of sleep. And  assisted many former insomniacs in finding a night full of rest and rejuvenation.

Listen in as we explore methods and practices that can help you to sleep better naturally.

Show Highlights:
5:07   It’s easy to dismiss what comes easily.
6:20   Just what is a good night’s sleep?
9:23   How acupuncture helps with sleep problems.
10:32  What constitutes a fair trial of acupuncture?
14:45   Insomnia is not just about not being able to fall asleep.
17:45   Hormones, menopause and sleep.
22:50   One study shows acupuncture increases melatonin levels.
24:35   Meditation is helpful, especially if there is anxiety.
35:39   Sleep apnea.
39:56   Teeth grinding at night.
43:06   Effectiveness of acupuncture for snoring
45:36   Building good sleep habits.
51:21    Finding the right to slip into sleep.
55:59   Too tired to sleep.
57:10   Napping is fantastic.


Damiana Corca photo 2Damiana Corca is a Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in sleep disorders. Her private practice is in Boulder and Denver, Colorado and she also offer long distance consulting.

Damiana is teaching a sleep specialty topic class at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder and she loves sharing the wealth of Chinese medicine and sleep with her students.

She understands that healing a sleep problem takes more than just sticking needles in people so she has founded the program Life After 7pm to support people in creating better habits in the evenings so they can sleep better.


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