Guan YinThere are plenty of ways to approach enhancing fertility, and our guest today works at the cusp of modern high tech endocrinology and Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Listen in for how she combines these powerful and complimentary methods to help couples take home a healthy baby.

This show is chock full of useful information about using ancient and modern methods to conceive,  and provides plenty of DIY  lifestyle and dietary changes that can help you to increase your fertility.


Show Highlights:
4:50 The labs say I’m fine, but I feel terrible.
7:14 Acupuncture protocol for before embryo transfer.
9:05 The people who received acupuncture, responded better to IVF fertility treatments.
10:35 Acupuncture’s effect on pregnancy rates.
13:38 The goal is not to get pregnant. The goal is to have a healthy baby.
15:25 Research points toward acupuncture helping to keep women in a more fertile state.
17:32 The hormone balance shifts between the 5th to 8th acupuncture treatment.
19:00 Considerations if you have the MTHFR genetic mutation.
20:38 Pre-conception, what to do and what not to do.
29:21 What to eat to promote fertility.
31:08 The importance of fats.
32:57 Butter, baby!!
36:17 Bone broth helps to heal the gut.
37:26 Common is not to be confused with normal when it comes to the menstrual cycle.
40:51 It takes two to tango. The man’s fertility can be a big factor.
44:07 A few things guys can do to increase their fertility.
51:00 Fewer multiple births when acupuncture is combined with IVF.


Diane CridenndaDiane Cridennda

Diane brings over twenty years of Western Medicine experience as a radiologic technologist to her medical treatment care plans. As is true for many Integrative and Complementary Health care providers, a personal tragedy helped expose Diane to what 4,000 years of Chinese Medicine could do to help those “difficult cases” or “resistant to typical treatment” patients who fall between the cracks of Western medicine; only to get their lives back with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is what happened for Diane, however she still believes that there is a place for Western Medicine and embraces an integrative approach.

Diane has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for 18 years now. Since 1999, she has worked with Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Centers, headed by Paul C Magarelli, MD, Ph.D., to create the largest clinical private practice research center in the integration of Acupuncture and IVF.  She has published numerous studies investigating the impact of TCM (Acupuncture) combined with high tech fertility treatments. Her protocol is used around the world to not only help women become pregnant but to help them achieve a “Take Home Baby”.

Diane is also a competitive Triathlete and has a passion for keeping her athletes up and running, injury free as well as enhancing their health and performance.

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