salmon dinnerWhile in acupuncture school, Xander Kahn discovered that weight loss involved more than just what he was putting in his mouth.

The effect of flavors, the importance of preserving and cultivating metabolic fire, and how our emotions and mindful (or not) habits help or hinder us; all this is part of the nourishment equation.

Listen in as we exchange the “food pyramid” for the “circle of flavors” and hear Xander’s personal journey of discovering mindful eating, natural medicine and sustained weight loss.


Show highlights:

4:20  A prescription for weight gain.
7:18  A surefire way to improve your sleep.
8:24  What about intermittent fasting?
12:31  The critical time not to eat.
16:52  The three key points to nutrition from the Chinese perspective.
18:28  The level of hunger that says “enough.”
26:57  The importance of “temperature” of food.
28:38  How ice causes metabolic mischief.
33:13  Try your own 30 day trial.
36:19  The influence of flavors.
47:27  Another view on fat and dampness.


Xander-Kahn-L.AcXander Kahn is a licensed acupuncturist and nationally certified herbalist who brings integrity, empathy, and attention to detail to his treatments. He is passionate about providing people with natural healing options and a balanced approach to care for their health concerns, and has experience working with dermatological conditions, pain & sports injuries, digestive disorders, and men’s health issues.

Xander discovered acupuncture while struggling with lifelong weight and digestive issues; he found that a combination of acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle changes were able to affect significant positive changes in his wellbeing. This lead him to becoming an acupuncturist because of his own firsthand experiences with the healing power of this medicine.

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