A reproductive endocrinologist waxes rhapsodic about fat? Yes he does!

Helping women to conceive is just one aspect of his work, straightening out their metabolism and endocrinological imbalances is another, and it’s not to be underestimated.

yummy ribsNot only infertile women with of metabolic problems can benefit from a high-fat ketogenic diet. Anyone wanting to rebalance their blood sugar, get rid of the spare tire that often accompanies insulin resistance, or simply gain access to high levels of sustainable energy by teaching their metabolism to burn fat will enjoy this myth-busting show on the essential role of fat in your diet.

What are we doing with reproductive endocrinologist on the show?
Isn’t it supposed to be about Chinese medicine?
Indeed it is, and one of the major threads that runs through all schools of Chinese medicine thought and practice is the state of our digestion and metabolism.

Listen in today to find out how to reboot your metabolism by ditching the so-called “healthy low fat diet,” and why bacon and a hot buttered coffee in the morning not only can help to boost your energy, but your fertility and energy as well.

Warning: a ketogenic diet can result in a significant loss of your sweet tooth.

Show highlights:
8:37  The brain IS fat
9:35  Everything Americans do is wrong from a food standpoint
10:55  The Food Pyramid was made by the department of AGRICULTURE
16:40  Fats to make your brain happy
20:40  Ketogenic means you’re using fats for energy
24:20  Burning fat to digest fat
26:12  Beef Bouillon Recipe
26:55  Gall Bladder Issues?
36:15  Get carbs down!


Dr Paul MagarelliDr. Magarelli has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and is a Certified Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He is one of the first Western Medicine trained physicians to incorporate Traditional Chinese and Functional Integrative medicine into his IVF program. He continues to investigate the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating IVF patients, thereby forging the way for the future of reproductive medicine.

He established the Institute for Sustained Health (iSH) as a way to help men, women and teens who are suffering from obesity, disruptions of the endocrine system or other metabolic problems.

The Institute’s mission is to treat insulin sensitivity and hormone issues as they relate to factors that lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, PCOS, hypertension, diabetes, andropause, peri-menopause and menopause. They also focus on teen issues related to hirsutism, acne, weight and irregular menstrual cycles. The goal is to help the patient develop the tools they need to create health and maintain it; without the need for chronic pharmaceutical intervention.

Institute for Sustained Health/Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Centers
265 Parkside Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80910


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