sola skincare herbsIt all started when our guest in today’s show got her tail in a knot about the “greenwashing” of skin care products.

But instead of complaining Christine Kizik did something about it! Along with her husband Eran Even, an expert in Chinese herbalism, she created a line of skin products that aren’t really that different from food.

And really, when you think about it, why would you put anything on your skin that wouldn’t be willing to put in your mouth?

Listen in for how you too can naturally nourish your skin, learn about a weird but effective (and inexpensive) shampoo, and make your own chocolates to boot!

Show highlights:
3:56 What?? Lead in your lipstick?
4:29  What is greenwashing?
9:30  The problem with antiperspirants is that you are supposed to sweat.
11:48  Why use oil instead of a cream for moisturizing.
13:47  An alternative to using soap on your face.
19:02  Why you don’t want to put anything on your skin that you’re not willing to put in your mouth.
22:15  Homemade toothpaste.
23:25  Oil pulling for oral hygiene.
30:32  Base ingredients for the DIY’er.
30:50  The problem with filler ingredients.
35:40  A shampoo from the baking department.
38:44  Environmental Working Group database
40:25  Bone broth.
46:00  DIY Chocolate.
48:47  Making change is a step by step process.

Christine KizikChristine Kizik is a teacher, researcher and product developer who started making skin care products in 2012 and then launched Sola Skincare in 2014. Alongside her husband Dr. Eran Even, who carefully crafts the Chinese herb blends used in many of their products, this handmade, small batch and family-run skin care company has grown slowly but surely.

After learning about the deceitful and rampant practice of greenwashing (where companies use key colours/words/images to give the appearance or impression that their product is natural/green/safe, but still contains harmful chemicals), Christine decided to create her own line of skincare products that were truly natural, using safe but effective plant based and food grade ingredients. Utilizing Eran’s Chinese herbal knowledge, it was a simple decision to combine their two strengths, and Sola Skincare was born.

Christine loves learning all she can about skincare and ingredients, and continually experiments with various blends until she has found the perfect fit. She loves sharing her knowledge and natural skin care solutions with friends, family and customers.

She lives just east of beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada with her husband Eran and two daughters Sophie & Lila.


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Resources and Links:

Environmental Working Group database

Lead in lipstick.

Recipe for Fire Cider.

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