It’s no accident that we talk about fertile soil being the foundation of a vibrant garden. Fertility is not simply about being able to get pregnant, but being able to carry that child to term and provide the essential nourishment they need to have all the resources required to grow into a healthy and vital life.

Much of the so-called common knowledge about “good” nutrition really needs an update. And that is the topic of this week’s show, as we explore traditional foods that not only promote fertility, but promote a vibrant, healthy life as well.

If you think that low-fat, fruit sweeten yogurt is a healthy choice for breakfast, then listening to this show will open your eyes to the importance of whole foods, essential fats and nutrient dense foods.

Show Highlights:
2:20 Feeding your fertility is more than just about food.
5:27 Food and hormone levels, why the standard American diet does not help with fertility.
6:43 Cholesterol is essential to fertility.
9:43 Source quality foods to improve fertility.
14:20 Benefits of raw dairy products when you are trying to become pregnant.
16:24 Bone broth helps to increase fertility.
18:29 Prepare grains in a traditional way to reduce the amount of phytic acid.
22:40 The essence of jing.
27:22 Build your blood so you can get pregnant? Eat more liver!
30:35 Some more foods that build the jing.
35:54 A dirty secret about modern life.
40:33 The right amount of exercise should make you feel better, not depleted.
40:40 The role of meditation in fertility.
45:49 How else can Chinese medicine, especially herbs, help with fertility?
Laura-Erlich-acupuncturistLaura Erlich

Laura Erlich is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, birth doula, and a co-author of Feed Your Fertility, Your Guide to Cultivating a Healthy Pregnancy with Chinese Medicine, Read Food and Holistic Living.

She is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, and teaches continuing education to acupuncturists all over the world through Pro D seminars.

Laura practices Chinese medicine at L.A. Herbs and Acupuncture, a clinic she co-founded in 2007.

LA Herbs and Acupuncture
2990 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 205
Los Angles, CA 90064

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