Moon and waterfallWhat does creativity have to do with health? Plenty if are going to navigate the inevitable changes that life brings in a way leads toward cultivating resilience and adaptability.

Our guest today, while trained as an artist and designer, has acquired a knack for helping others to connect with the creativity and beginner’s mind awareness that gives us continuous access to the gifts of this moment.

Listen in for a discussion of discovery and connection that is available to all of us, and how to remember your way back into your innate brilliance.

Show Highlights:
3:51    A language of communication and problem solving.
9:55    Everyone is creative.
15:01   The magic of not being attached to results.
15:27   Creativity is not a luxury, it’s a core piece of self-care.
16:25   Working with uncertainty.
22:53   Instability is the worst right before the break through.
30:14   How do you improve your visual literacy?
36:27   The essential power of cross-pollination.
42:37   What about limitations?
43:33   Creativity loves constraint!
48:52   It’s about how you show up in the world.

Victoria Prozan


Victoria Prozan is a Creative Power Coach who helps break down the brick walls that keep us from expressing our fullest level of creativity and success.

With a background in photography, graphic design, screen printing, plus years as an entrepreneur, she’s traveled the many peaks and valleys that come along with self-expression and carving your own way in this world.


You find more about her and her work here:

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