Chinese patent medicines for everyday healthFrom oyster fisherwoman to EMT to acupuncturist, Kathleen Poole has engaged the forces of nature for good. In today’s episode we discuss what is her (Chinese) medicine cabinet at home of the “must have” medicinals for the traumas and travails of everyday life.

Listen in to learn how to beat the common cold with common kitchen spices, treat cuts and burns, ease sore joints, find a restful nights sleep, and know what to pack into your travel kit so you can fearless enjoy exotic food foraging in foreign locales.

Show highlights
2:20- Common kitchen herbs that can help you side step the common cold.

9:45- A spirited discussion on what herbs to take at the beginning of a cold.

14:50-  The must have formula to soothe an upset stomach.

20:55- The surprisingly effective cream for minor burns.

22:15- Safe and effective Chinese herbs for sleep problems or insomnia.

27:15- The herbal formula for cuts that both stops bleeding and improves the micro-circulation in the wound area for faster healing.

34:45- Proven liniment that takes the ache out of sore joints.


Kathleen Poole

Kate PooleKathleen runs Mystic River Acupuncture in Groton, CT and finds her work deeply satisfying on many levels. She uses acupuncture, cupping, and herbal medicine to treat a wide variety of health concerns.

Her private practice and teaching give her opportunities to meet interesting people from all walks of life. Her sense of adventure has lead her to travel widely, both to share the methods of Chinese medicine in rural Africa, and to deepen her study in Mainland China. Kathleen is enthusiastic about her work and sees her relationships with her patients as a partnership with them.


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