the schnoze Sinus issues are something that everyone at some point in time will deal with. It might be the constant drippy nose and sneezing of allergy season. The occasional winter bug making the rounds. Or a long term predisposition to sinus infections,  sinus headaches or the various mold and pollen allergies.

Our guest on today’s show, Cara Frank, has decades of experience treating sinus issues with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Listen in for effective clinically proven herbal solutions, and some simple things you can do to knock the snot out of your congested sinuses!


Show highlights:

4:55 Chinese medicine, not just for treating symptoms.
6:21 One size does not fit all when it comes to treating sinus issues.
8:22 Chinese herbs can both get rid of pathogens and boost the immune system.
11:25 How to use a neti pot.
15:36 Dietary changes that can help with sinus conditions.
20:20 Becoming more robust.
22:06 Misguided habits in the name of health.
26:40 How Prilosec contributes to stomach and digestive problems.
32:36 A great two formula hack to beat sinus headache.
37:08 Dealing with the beginnings of a cold.
42:36 Zhong Gan Ling and a shot of whiskey!
48:46 A quick introduction to phlegm.
55:04 Formula for postnasal drip.


Cara Frank acupuncturistCara Frank has been a practitioner and teacher of acupuncture and Chinese herbology since 1993. She is a popular lecturer, known especially for her clear and humorous teaching style. Cara has demystified Chinese herbology for acupuncturists, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, botanists and researchers.

Cara’s initial training was at the New England School of Acupuncture where she is a 1983 graduate. It was in China, that her love affair with Chinese herbs took root, and still flourishes. Recently, Cara has studied Classical Formulas with Dr. Huang Huang of Nanjing.

In 1991, she founded China Herb Company, which was the first mail order compounding Chinese herbal dispensary in the United States. Cara has developed a line of her own herbal formulas, including formulas for cancer support, respiratory and pediatric health under the brand name “Six Fishes Chinese Herbs.” She is the founder of Six Fishes Chinese Medicine, an acupuncture and herb practice with two locations in Philadelphia. She leads a team of TCM practitioners who specialize in herbology, EENT disorders, pediatrics and internal medicine.


Six Fishs Healing Arts
750 South 15th Street
Philadelphia PA 19146

Phone: (215) 772-0770
Email: Click here to send an email

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