sparkThe Chinese medicine perspective on physiology connects and diverges from the conventional Western view like a blue highway meanders around an Interstate.

Our guest on this episode speaks fluently from the perspectives of both modern biomedicine and the ancient art of Chinese medicine.

What’s more, in looking through the lens of embryological development and the way modern surgeons use the “spaces between” for laparoscopic surgeries , he illuminates the connections between organ systems that the Chinese noted thousands of years ago. And furthermore gives us a way to understand why the acupuncture channels don’t show up when dissecting the body.

4:10  Why Western anatomists miss the acupuncture channels.
7:00  Conventional medicine does not really understand embryology nor does it really understand wellness.
9:55   Qi is not some invisible metaphysical force, it is the intelligence that organizes the 10 trillion cells of our body.
13:33  Qi is the energy that crystalizes matter into form.
15:21   Laparoscopic surgery follows the fascial planes of the acupuncture channels.
19:26   Fascia is made up of collagen, and collagen is piezoelectric. So the entire fascial network has electrical potential. As the Chinese pointed out long ago.
31:13   Thoughts on qi.
34:37   How the heart and small intestine are connected.
38:56  How the liver is related to women’s health.
45:24   Neural crest cells and their relation to jing.
55:42   Some thoughts on studies.

Dan KeownDr Daniel Keown developed an interested in Chinese medicine in his teens from his octogenarian grandmother’s exploits in China.

After finishing his degree in medicine he worked for over a decade as an Emergency Room doctor before returning back to college to complete a degree in Chinese medicine.

Realizing that aspects of Chinese medicine remained poorly understood from a biomedical standpoint he traveled to China to study under the masterful tutelage of Dr Wang Ju-Yi. It was this study that provided the impetus to write ‘The Spark In The Machine.’ He lives in Tunbridge Wells in England with his wife and two children, and in his free time he grows vegetables on his allotment and dreams about the perfect wave.

Website:  Visit Dan on the Web at
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Resources and Links:
Dr. Charles Shang
The Mechanism of Acupuncture – Beyond Neurohumoral Theory
Prospective Tests on Biological Models of Acupuncture
Electrophysiology of Growth Control and Acupuncture

Watch the spark of life in the process of embryological development in a frog.
And here are the scientists of the above video discussing ‘Qi’  (bioelectric signals) being the master controller of embryological development and ‘powerful medicine.’

The Liver JueYin channel (aka peritoneal cavity/channel) Liver visible at 4:10. Note how the uterus/fallopian tiubes/ovary sit within this channel


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