In this episode we take some patient questions

Today’s Everyday Acupuncture Podcast question is answered by Toby Daly of the Flourish Medicine Clinic in Cloverdale, CA


Hi, this is Toby Daly at Flourish Medicine, and I have, I’m gonna be answering questions today from my patient, do you have any questions about Chinese medicine?

I do. I have had different types of treatment of acupuncture, and I am curious to know I’ve been coming in here just going completely by feel, but I’m curious to know how this particular acupuncture is special and how the four needles.

How do, how does it.

Okay. Yeah. That’s, that’s so great. You’ve been, , paying close attention to the four needles. Uh, so the four needles, we’re always trying to figure out what’s going on in your body, what quality we need the most in your body. So we take those four needles and generate that quality. So, especially for your case, , your chief complaint has to do with digestive system.

So we’re always trying to strengthen up what’s going on in digestive system, pertains medicine, your digest system itself this time. Was too wet. So we’re using those four needles to dry your body and take that burden off the digestive system.

And does it, um, do the, obviously the needle placement varies depending on what my body is telling you, is it, does it work best for, it’s been miraculous for me, for my digestion.

Does it work for other, um, other ailments? Like joint pain or, cancer treatment or anything like that, for sure. Yeah. I treat all those kind of different things again, when I’m always looking for the weakest spot for patients. So weakest spot could manifest as joint pain or cancer whatever’s going on with the same principles with Chinese medicine, we, those four points, we always do the same thing.

We always make the body a little bit warmer. Or cooler or dryer or moisture, uh, too much things going up in the body. We bring down too much things going down. We bring up all these kind of things. The dynamics is always the similar ziwu medicine. And then the manifestation in all the different systems, like the, digestive system, neurological, along with, body mechanics and things like that, that all manifest differently.

Okay. Great.

And then I’m curious about, do we have time to answer some about the Chinese herbs? Yes. , how do you determine which herbs to prescribe? It’s the same thing? So for Chinese medicine, as long as we have a diagnosis that unlocks everything for us, , dietary recommendations, , point combinations, herbs, lifestyle modifications, everything’s based on that diagnosis.

So once we have that diagnosis for you, like your, digestive system being too wet, then , the points, the herbs, the diet, the lifestyle, all that matches to that. So the herbal formula you’re on right now has, is drying your digestive system. That’s where you’re getting that relief from. Okay.

All right. Thanks a lot, for, asking some questions about Chinese medicine today.

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