After returning to the United States after spending five years in China and Taiwan studying language and medicine, I discovered that knowing something of Chinese medicine from within the constructs of language and culture made it even more difficult to explain how it works to Westerners.

michael max BWIt was my clinical experience and translating Chinese ideas into the everyday life of my western patients that gave me the vocabulary and perspective to help westerners grasp some of these time tested Chinese methods

That is the purpose of this show — to make accessible to you the wisdom, perspective and tools that can help you make a difference with your health.

Every week I’ll be sitting down for a cup of tea with another seasoned practitioner you, introducing you to some of the amazing wealth of healing methods that have come from ancient China all the way to the present.

This show brings you the wisdom and methods of Chinese medicine without your having to understand Chinese. These interviews with experts in the field will help you use the practical and everyday aspects of acupuncture and Chinese medicine so as to help you stay out of the doctor’s office……and that includes ours too!

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