This episode is a short introduction to the newly launched podcast site that is specifically geared towards the needs and interests of Chinese medicine practitioners.

When I first began Everyday Acupuncture Podcast I envisioned this to be a show that would introduce everyday people to the concepts, methods and possibilities that Chinese medicine offers for naturally healing a wide variety of health concerns. I purposefully avoided technical language and professional jargon. It’s been gratifying to see that people from all over the world tune into the show. And it has been a big surprise to hear from so many practitioners of Chinese medicine and how much they gotten from show.

So, for you practitioners of the art I’ve something new that I think you will enjoy. is a newly launched podcast show that is for you.
Like Everyday Acupuncture I seek to bring you articulate seasoned practitioners who share their methods, perspectives and practices. This show goes deep into acupuncture, herbal medicine, cultivation and the practice of practice.

If you have enjoyed Everyday Acupuncture, you are going to love

And for those of you that are not practitioners, keep listening here as I’ll continue to bring you monthly shows on Chinese medicine that you can apply in your everyday life.

Check out the new podcast show over at

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