Pretty much every auntie and grandma in China is well versed in how to use a soup spoon to raise the therapeutic rash of guasha. 

Guasha is a part of Chinese folk medicine, and like so many folk medicines, it is simple, safe and effective. 

Guasha can be used for a wide variety of aliments from the common cold, to neck and back pain, to headaches, sinus congestion, joint pain, discomfort from chronic injuries and it even helps to tone the face and reduce wrinkles.

Listen in and learn how raising a bit of a therapeutic rash can help the body to generate a powerful healing response. 

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What is sha, and why it is a good thing
  • You can know about the health of a person’s circulatory system by reading the color of the sha
  • How Liz uses guasha in her clinical work
  • Finding locations that are good to gua
  • Liz’s favorite tools for doing guasha
  • How to perform guasha
  • Contraindications for guasha
  • Treating sinus congestion with guasha
  • Some advanced techniques for professionals
  • How long it can take for the sha to resolve
  • The Graston Technique is a rebranding of guasha
  • Don’t fear the marks from guasha, it is not an injury


About The Guest of This Episode:


Hi my name is Liz March I have been practicing acupuncture and tuina massage for over 20 years. I have been teaching these disciplines since I graduated. I have worked with 100’s of students over the years and consider that work to be one of the best things I do for the world. 

As a student I loved all of the hands on work that this medicine offers. I have since come to love studying and practicing herbal medicine and the contemplation of the taoist five element philosophy. I have practiced qi gong and tai qi all of that time and maintain a daily meditation practice. 

I received my doctoral degree in 2011, a significant achievement in my family, I am the first to do this. Chinese medicine has allowed me, as a person, to integrate many areas in my life. I love the philosophy and academic study, while practicing the principles physically and applying them in my work with my patients. I love it!

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