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Original Watercolor by Amy Darling

As an experiment, Amy starting meditating everyday when she was in college. Decades later it has become a foundational part of her adult life. Listen in as we discuss the wealth of well researched benefits to both mind and body by engaging this daily practice. And why as the Zen people say, “meditation is good for nothing!”



Show highlights
2:07- The hard evidence-based scientific sphere is catching up 1000’s of years of known physical and mental benefits of meditation.

9:15- How perception changes when we slow down.

13:20- Meditation is not that quiet floating feeling, it’s actually that moment when…

19:22- What to do about meditation when it’s borrrrring.

22:30- What to do when overwhelming feelings and thoughts come up in mediation if you have experienced trauma.

31:14- Considerations when beginning a meditative practice.



Amy Darling

Amy is an intuitive healer, acupuncturist and health educator in downtown Seattle. Her patients reclaim their health and discover renewed well-being through acupuncture treatments, dietary changes, herbal medicine and physical movement. While acupuncture is one of her primary therapeutic tools, it is only one of the many healing modalities she uses in her clinic. She treats a broad spectrum of conditions and strongly supports patients to take an active, educated and empowered role in their health care.


Medical Dental Building
509 Olive Way, Suite 1358
Seattle, WA 98101

Ph: 206-920-9929


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