correcting visionThere are a number of chronic degenerative eye problems that respond to acupuncture. In this episode, our guest discusses his experience using acupuncture to effectively treat macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt’s and diabetic retinopathy.

We discuss not only treating the eyes, but how the eyes are a part of the nervous system and using acupuncture helps the entire body to find a deeper level of health and wellbeing.

3:13   Contrary to what you might think, most of the points to treat the eyes are in the hands and feet.
5:11   Visual problems treatable with this acupuncture microsystem.
8:21   What kinds of results can patients expect and how long does it take to see a change?
12:46   Nutritional recommendations
15:18   Mental and emotional aspects of eye health
23:30   The retina is a delicate sensing organ
24:20   What we can do to protect our eyes and keep them healthy
29:19   What acupuncturists should know about treating eye conditions
37:16    The importance of Chinese medicine for overall systemic health
39:25   Other ophthalmological issues treated by acupuncture


mats sextonMats Sexton, L.Ac. has been practicing Chinese Medicine since 1998 beginning his career with Shiatsu. In 2000 he completed his acupuncture studies and in 2005 he obtained a degree in massage therapy. Today he seamlessly blends these therapies into unique treatment sessions. Mats’s practice is focused largely on treating clients with degenerative eye diseases by using various unique micro-systems of acupuncture involving the hands and feet.

In addition to his clinical work, Mats likes to lecture about Chinese medicine and eye care and he has also taught at various acupuncture and bodywork schools in Minneapolis. He believes laughter is the best medicine (well, second to acupuncture) and he has written and co-starred in an acupuncture sitcom called The Pindoctor Show in which he accidentally reincarnates the founder of Chinese medicine.

Outside of the clinic Mats enjoys most outdoor activities, especially mountaineering, and he has successfully completed five of the “Seven Summits.”

Mat’s Clinic:
3511 West 44th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Clinic website:

Links and Resources:
Website for John Boel’s and Acunova acupuncture in Denmark

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