looking-at-selfWe know that beauty is more than skin deep, but the truth is that skin is more than just skin deep. While it is easy to think that skin conditions are simply a problem of the exterior portion of our body, in reality dermotological problems are frequently the result of internal imbalances.

In this episode we discuss the Chinese perspective on treating skin conditions that get to the root of the problem, so you don’t have to use dangerous medications, or be on drugs that only control symptoms for the rest of your life.

Show Highlights:
1:53   What sparked your interest in dermatology?
5:00   Respiratory problems often accompany skin conditions
8:50   Why do you work on the interior for a condition that shows up on the exterior of the body?
15:11   What appears as one symptom can be the result of different underlying conditions, so herbal formulas must be tailored specifically to a patients unique presentation
16:00  Chinese medicine has a more refined approach to dealing with inflammation.
24:35   Things people can do for themselves to help improve their skin
26:21   Is it a dry eczema or wet eczema?
28:40  Neuro-dermatology, the connection between our thoughts, feeling and skin
33:00  Skins problems that are made worse by sugar consumption
35:39   Treating acne with Chinese medicine
43:40   Sun damage and sun screens

trevor-ericksonFor over 10 years, Dr. Trevor Erikson (Dr.TCM) has successfully helped hundreds of people safely manage eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea.  He believes that most skin diseases stem from internal imbalances and need to be treated from the ‘inside-out’ using individually crafted herbal medicine preparations.

Trevor was first inspired to treat skin disease when he watched his own wife, who had suffered herself with severe eczema, obtain completely clear skin using Chinese herbal medicines (an effect that lasted well over 10 years after finishing the herbal treatment). This motivated him to train in the busy dermatology wards in Chengsha, China, where he witnessed upwards of 60 patients per day being treated with herbal medicines for their troubled skin (2005). Trevor then went on to graduate in 2007 from Mazin Al-Khafaji’s prestigious Chinese medicine dermatology diploma program in London, England.

Trevor has published articles on Chinese medicine dermatology in international medical journals and has taught through webinars and at the Integrative Fertility Symposium.

He currently sees patients in the Vancouver, BC, area and can be reached through his website.


Links and Resources:

Visit Trevor’s website at www.drerikson.com

Email Trevor if you have further questions.

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