Growing up we used to laugh about great-grandma’s can of schmaltz that lived in the corner of the kitchen. It’s taken the turn of more than a few decades to recognize the value of her peasant wisdom. And might have something to do with her making it into her 90’s.

In this episode we chew the fat on, well…., fat.

After being exiled from the “healthy” American diet since the 1950’s, a new generation of metabolic researchers are finding that our fear of fat might be a bit misplaced.

Listen in as we take a long view on the role of fat in the human diet and dig into one of the important aspects of diet that most experts leave out — joy.

Show Highlights:
1:43   Carnivores naturally go for the fat first.
4:36   Who started demonizing fat?
8:56   Waking up to the goodness of fat.
14:55  It’s worth taking a few months and not eat carbohydrates, just to notice how you feel.
19:44  Why do so many people have such a deeply emotional and negative reaction toward the Atkins Diet?
22:33   Eating fat does not make you fat.
27:34   Benefits of the anti-anxiety diet
33:24   Cholesterol is used for many functions in the body, including tissue repair.
36:13   Why believe the research? It seems there are new conclusions very few years. How are we to trust the science here?
49:29   How to make your own “super fuel” pemmican.
56:00   Some simple ways to add more fat to your diet.

Josh Lerner started practicing martial arts in 1983, which led to a lifelong study of Chinese and Japanese language, religion, martial arts and medicine. After receiving an MA in Japanese Literature, he enrolled in the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle, WA, graduating with an MTCM in 2001. He has been in private practice in the Seattle area since then.

Josh has a long time love of cooking and a deep fascination with the natural history of various ingredients that make it to his table. He thinks that food should be a delight.

Josh is also an instructor and clinical supervisor at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, where he teaches tuina, qigong, trigger point theory, and the treatment of traumatic injury.

Clinic website & contact information:
Visit Josh’s website at

Wellspring Acupuncture
3510 Shattuck Ave S
Renton, WA  98055

Other resources:

The Book of Schmaltz: Love Song To A Forgotten Fat by Michael Ruhlman

Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes by Jennifer McLagan

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Weston A. Price Foundation your number one stop on the Internet to get a new perspective on fat.

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