Dong feng mei ren

While skin issues appear at the surface of the body, in fact, they are the external expression of interior imbalances. In today’s show we learn about treating skin conditions from the inside out.

We also delve into anti-aging treatments that both will knock a few years off your looks and help you to inhabit a greater state of health and wellbeing.


Show Highlights:
2:50    Skin is a manifestation of what is happening inside the body.
4:01    The connection between the lungs and skin.
7:20    Constitution and individuality are important considerations.
10:47   Using acupuncture can take years off your looks, but more importantly it promotes a                  greater state of health and wellbeing.
13:37   Acupuncture stimulates collagen production.
15:46   Derma-rollers are a helpful generalized treatment, but to treat the muscles of                             expression, you need to use acupuncture.
17:23    How facial acupuncture compares with botox.
20:49   Sun damage and aging spots.
24:20   Using cinnamon to improve blood circulation, and why using it alone is not helpful.
28:13    Using a micro-dermabrasion tool.
31:41     Sugar’s role in skin conditions.
38:23    When do other people start to notice the effects of anti-aging facial acupuncture? And                 what do they tend to say about it?
44:45    Are there problems with bruising or bleeding from facial treatments
50:49    Allergies can also improve with facial acupuncture.
53:41     A tip for preventing wrinkles.



Karla Renaud acupuncturistKarla Renaud
Karla is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in several states and is passionate about dermatology since she had severe eczema herself from infancy through adulthood, so she understands what patients are going through. After learning about Chinese medicine she was able to cure her own eczema. Now she helps patients with skin diseases from eczema to psoriasis to athlete’s foot to acne.

Karla’s background was in Chinese language and literature, before she earned her graduate degree in Chinese medicine. After starting to practice in 2002, she did post-graduate study with specialists on using Chinese herbal medicine to treat skin diseases, including Andy Ellis who formulated the Spring Wind herb product line and Mazin Al-Khafaji at Avicenna center in England.

She also studied facial rejuvenation or cosmetic acupuncture from four teachers with very different methods and has come up with her own way of treating the face to age gracefully.

Karla is currently in the process of a move to Austin. Clinic information will appear here once she is set up there.

Phone: 603-731-5105

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