maya and friendsElephants, bears and needles, oh my! Does thinking about taking your kids to an acupuncturist conjure up your haunted house of needle experiences? Do you worry that acupuncture might turn into a shriek session, or be a cause of pain? Looking for a way to talk to your children about acupuncture? Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist is a fanciful and informative adventure of a little girl’s trip to see Dr. Meow. The purrrfect kid’s acupuncturist.

Listen in as we get the story behind this delightful storybook, and how parents are using it to help their kids cozy up to the idea of needles. You’ll learn a thing or two about acupuncture, and why it is that kids sometimes understand this stuff better than us grown up’s.


Show highlights:

4:18 Not just for kids, this book helps adults to understand Chinese medicine too.

5:34 The secret to making acupuncture work with kids

5:55 What kinds of health concerns you can bring your kids to the acupuncture for.

6:59 Helping kids to perceive what is happening with their bodies.

7:30 Medicine is not just drugs.

12:27 What kinds of issues do you see parents bringing their kids in for to be treated with acupuncture?

16:27 How do you get a kid to cozy up to being treated with an acupuncture needle?

18:11 How NOT to talk to your kids about acupuncture

21:21 One clever grandma uses the book to turn a visit into the acupuncturist into play.


Samara_WhiteSamara White

In addition to practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine Samara White also offers craniosacral sessions to adults, children and infants in Seattle, WA. Additionally, she teaches personalized yoga classes. She combines her love of music with a profound understanding of the body that has come from years of study both in yoga and craniosacral work to help her patients heal.

Along the way she discovered her story telling skills, when the challenge of a senior year project turned into a children’s book on acupuncture.


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Links and Resources
Here’s a link to the website for the Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist.
And here is a link to a mini-version of the book that you can download and share with your kids.

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