Acupuncture is often used with good effect to treat psycho-emotive issues such as chronic anxiety and depression. And it is also helpful in the treatment of various psycho-emotive challenges that arise when someone is faced with their world being turned upside down by natural disaster. There is a particular method of treatment that helps people to regain some equanimity in the face of disastrous circumstances.

In this episode we speak with an acupuncturist in Israel who is using these methods to treat people who live in a conflict zone, and undergo the experience of being showered with bombs at a moment’s notice and the aftermath of that kind of trauma.

Listen in as we discuss how acupuncture can quickly re-regulate the nervous system and how these treatments can be effective in bringing about a sense of balance and resiliency in those who have undergone these kinds of life threatening experiences.


Show Highlights:
5:22    What brought Haava to doing these kinds of treatments
6:51    Oddly enough, PTSD is not one of common clinical complaints of those who live in conflict zones
8:41      Using ear acupuncture is an efficient way to treat many people in a short amount of time
13:21     The kinds of responses people have to this kind of auricular acupuncture treatment
16:38    What the acupuncture training to treat emotional shock and trauma entails
19:16     Feeling for where the energy is flowing or blocked
24:34    Other ways of stimulating the ear points besides needles
26:49    How the Israeli national health insurance system keeps costs down and provides a wide variety of services
28:39    In Israel, they include alternative medicine in the health care system as it keeps the price of health care down
34:49   How acupuncture helps with trauma and stress


Havva Mahler is originally from a small town in Massachusetts, she now lives in Sderot, Israel where she  practices of Chinese medicine, reflexology, and massage. She studied at the East-West School of Classical Chinese Medicine, and has done advanced training in treating trauma and post trauma and in pregnancy and childbirth.

Havva works in a private practice, at the Emuna Family Counseling Centre, Sderot and for the Maccabi Health Fund. She is a volunteer with Acupuncturists Without Borders and with Hands Of Light (volunteer treatments for ALS patients).


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