Some of us know from an early age we are cut out for medicine. Others never saw it coming; life in its wily wisdom throws us a curve ball, or in this case a bicycle accident.

Our guest in this episode sought out acupuncture for a debilitating injury and ended up in a 12 year apprenticeship.

Listen in as we explore how acupuncture doesn’t just mask, but fundamentally get people out of pain, why the fluids are so important when it comes to healing, and some eye opening neuro-anatomy that throws a new light on the acupuncture channels.

Show Highlights:
2:21   Considering constitution.
5:00   Is the problem coming from the inside or the outside?
8:17    The difficult way into Chinese medicine.
13:15   Acupuncture is great for pain, but it’s helpful for chronic conditions as well.
20:44  Approaching the treatment of chronic pain.
31:14   How does acupuncture work?
33:37   Some amazing modern day research that focuses on the connections between the neural, vascular and meridian systems.
39:22   Tips for not just masking pain, but getting out of it.

I’m an Osteopathic manual practitioner with 20+ years of experience in both Eastern medicine and Western complementary therapies. My unique ‘East meets the West’ philosophy enables me to effectively help my patients with diverse and multi-faceted aspects of pain management.

In 1994, I was involved in a devastating bike accident that left me unable to walk.

Western physicians and “specialists” recommended I undergo surgery. Luckily, my mom insisted that we seek alternative healthcare options. She was recommended to Dr. Lim, a Chinese Medicine practitioner in Scarborough (suburb of Toronto).

Little did I know I would become her apprentice for the next 12 years.

Under Dr. Lim’s care, I was walking pain-free in just 4 weeks. And I knew that I had to learn the ins and outs of Chinese Medicine and its magnificent power to heal.

To further my formal knowledge and ability to heal, I attended the Michener Institute to learn acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. After my studies, I went directly to the source: China.

After returning I attended the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Currently I practice using a mix of Chinese medicine and Osteopathy.

“To find health should be the object of the practitioner. Anyone can find disease.” – A.T. Still, founder of Osteopathy

Resources and Links:

Clinic address:
5 Sandalwood Place
Toronto, Ontario  M3B1L5

Visit Samuel’s website

We talked about the use of heat in the podcast, here’s one of Samuel’s blog posts on why it’s so dang good.

Here is more information on the acupuncture and neuro-anatomy pioneered by Poney Chiang that we discussed in the podcast.


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